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Bharat, Child of Nature

Hkkjr] izd`fr dk ckyd

Documentary Film

Language: Hindi, English  

Duration: 65 min

Article 1 of the Constitution of India says ‘India, that is Bharat….., What does Bharat mean to Indians and to the outside world?

The identity of Bharat is hidden in her name, how? The film unveils the meaning and essence of Bharat through archaeological, historical & textual evidences. 

The stories of Shakuntala, Bahubali & Bharat unveils the name Bharat. The film explores the expanse of Indian culture and how Yoga & reverence for nature inculcated values of democracy, diversity & integrated vision in Indians. Film ends with a question that having lost the culture to communicate with nature have we truly progressed.

Bharat Child of nature poster
भारत, प्रकृति का बालक | Indian Civilization | India Child of Nature | Indian Culture
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Bharat Child of Nature | Indian Civilization | Indian Culture | Bharat is India
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