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Lecture Tour of USA on “Indian Civilization, Continuities & Change”

US Tour Poster

The invitation of Lecture tour to USA and Canada was organised by HSS USA and many other Universities, Institutes and student organisations.

Few of the Universities were MIT, IOWA, LMU, UIUC, Dartmouth etc and Google HQs.

There has been a renewed interest in ancient Indian knowledge and sciences in the western world. In the times of global environmental crisis scientist are exploring the ancient ways of living in harmony with nature. Our work on Indian Civilization created much interest in the Universities. Later this work was made into many films.

 It is well known that Indians had discovered the connection between the Universe and Man, which is crucial for the balanced & harmonious coexistence in modern times. Investigation of this from Historical, Archaeological and philosophical perspective was examined.

Indian Civilization (IC) is the only ancient civilization on earth which has been living continuously for thousands of years. The talk focussed on the key features of this continuity till today. Also it looked into the reasons & benefits of this continuity for Humanity and life on planet.

The comparison of Indian philosophy with western Philosophy & logic clarified the roots of nurturing of the IC. Also discussed was the contribution of Yoga technique for the landmark achievements in the field of Sciences, Arts, Architecture & philosophies. Reasons for decline of Indian science and knowledge systems and its impact on today’s scenario was also examined.

The visuals of PPT on India’s cultural heritage, it’s meaning and hidden knowledge created much interest & provided new ideas in the field of basic sciences, and Humanities. It was an audio-visual delight for all.

Yoga, Religion & Dharma

Yoga, Religion, Dharma Poster

The Lecture focuses on the historical aspects, Philosophical importance and the usage of Yoga in modern times.

The International Day of Yoga, 21st June 2015, was when proposed in the UNGA in New York, it brought the technique at the centre of all the nations where it was in  practice already.

The Philosophy & technique of Yoga originated & evolved in India even before the times of Veda. It developed into a systematic doctrine & technique when Maharishi Patanjali composed the Yoga Sutras. The philosophy of Yoga inspired and its technique of practice was used in all the endeavors of human existence for creativity and originality, be it Science, Arts, Medicine, Architecture, Cosmology and more. The lecture covers these aspects with examples.

In the modern times, what has become popular among the masses in the name of Yoga is only the Asana & Pranayama. Few practice Meditation. However, there is a growing culture that Yoga has nothing to do with the Indian Philosophies & Dharma (Hinduism). Lecture explains the dangers if Yoga is wrongly interpreted & misunderstood. The Sound ‘OM’ has also become an issue of debate whether to associate it with Yoga or not. The lecture lucidly clarifies the doubts & establishes the facts.

The problems of India can best be dealt with the practice of Yama & Niyama of Yoga. How, is explained with examples from History & common practices.

Much can be learnt from the journey of Yoga as depicted in the film ‘History of yoga’ – clips are shown.

Comparison of different religions of the world & how Yoga can be accepted and should be understood in its original context is discussed.

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