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Who is Shiva ?

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Documentary Film

Language: Hindi, English  

Duration: 60 min

Shiva in Samadhi, has been the personification of Yog for thousands of years. All the symbols shown here, represents the philosophy of Yog. Shiva is our pure detached consciousness. And this is the primal Nature of Samkhya, the Philosophy of Yog.


This image of Adiyogi blissfully living in the Himalayan caves may not inspire the modern man. Perhaps this image will inspire him more. The physical notion of health has made us ignorant about the Rasa of self-realization. Today the meaning of Anand is material pleasure. 


America is a land of material pleasure. India was also once the land of a Pleasurable life. Perhaps ancient India had achieved sensory pleasure far greater than America. The country, that looks poor today, was once the richest land of the world.


Even western scholars came to this conclusion of India’s material affluence on the basis of economic parameters.

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शिव कौन हैं? Who is Shiva ? Indian Civilization | Natraja | Natyashastra
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Who is Shiva? |Indian Civilization Series | Adiyogi | Natraja | Mahadev
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