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History of Yoga

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Documentary Film

Language: Hindi, English, Spanish, Portuguese,                                  Hebrew, French, German, Chinese  

Duration: 95 min

Film History of Yoga:

The unique technique of keeping good health – YOGA was originated and evolved in India. Sage Patanjali compiled the wisdom of Yoga in Yoga Sutras which are now being widely used as an authentic source. How Yoga originated, evolved and developed in India over the ages is little known. Also how so many different streams of philosophical doctrines contributed to yoga philosophy had to be researched and explored.

History of Yoga (HoY) film is the most comprehensive documentation on history & Philosophy of Yoga with supportive evidences from archaeology, literature, history, philosophy and cultural traditions. It is a digital document to protect the technique of Yoga from distortion, deliberate exploitation and indiscriminate patenting.  

This is the first ever authentic film in the world on 6000 years of known History of Yoga. It is available in Hindi, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Chinese and Hebrew.


The story:

The film HOY starts with Yogasutras of Sage Patanjali as a unique technique for experiencing the mastery over senses and modifications of the mind. Patanjali was not the inventor of Yoga. Where did it all begin ?

History is traced from the times of Harappa civilization. The story moves to explore the elements of Yoga in the times of Veda, Jainism, Buddhism, and several other doctrines. It takes you through the delightful journey of 3000 years of developmental history of Yoga up to the medieval ages.

The HathYogic practitioners show an intense human desire to conquer disease, aging and death through the Hathyogic practices. The film ends in 19th century where modern science acknowledges the potential of yoga in a new light.

India’s magnificent Iconography, Temple Art, Diverse Culture & Ancient Relics, Wall paintings, Manuscripts unfold with wisdom of yoga in this path defining Documentary.


Film Journey:

The film crew traveled 35000 km across India, Nepal, selected Museums &Library of Europe & North America to record evidences from 134 locations including 84 Archaeological sites, 37 Museums, Libraries and Temples & Shrines.

Many eminent scholars from the field of Archaeology, History, Philosophy, Medicine, Literature and Yoga have contributed to elucidate and authenticate the subject.. The documentary is beautifully woven with breath taking photography, meditative songs and music.

Narration in English is by Shri Kabir Bedi & in Hindi by Shri Brij Bhushan.

History of Yoga Full Film English
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History of Yoga Full Film Hindi | योग का इतिहास सम्पूर्ण  फिल्म | Yoga
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