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Indian Civilization Series (24 Episodes)

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Indian Civilization poster

Documentary Web Series

Language: Hindi, English  

Episode: 24

The narrative of Indian Civilization (IC) is about understanding the creation & evolution of the highest form of civilization on Earth and its destruction to a great extent by the invaders. The Indian Civilization film series explores the Indian values of continued survival and their unique identity in the world.

The series depicts the continuities of Philosophical thoughts, Cultural Traditions and Knowledge systems of India with modern understanding.


With the evolution of Humans, different cultures developed in different parts of the world. Continuous exchanges between these people helped accumulate the knowledge of the world.  


The present world is the result of that global knowledge bank. But over the ages there have been innumerable attempts to destroy the knowledge and cultures across the world civilizations. This is a great loss of humanity. Indian Civilization series is a journey to reveal the essence of Indian life and the untold truths about India and her people.


10 years of extensive research and Filming has gone into creating this monumental work. Traveling to different continents and across India to collect the best of visual data.


With 100s of permissions we have filmed and photographed 154 Indian Archaeological sites, Temples & Shrines, Museums & Libraries and 52 International Sites & Museums.  Ironically, the best and intact sculptures & idols of Indian Temples, large number of paintings and manuscripts are now, a part of the collections in various world Museums.


30 eminent scholars from fields like, Philosophy, History, Archaeology, Sanskrit, Art and Aesthetics, Indology, Mind sciences, Psychology and Yoga contributed in this series.


Episodes unveils India's magnificent Iconography, Temple Art, Diverse Cultures & Festivals, Ancient Relics, Wall paintings, Manuscripts & Meditative Music & Dance, in an enthralling way.

ट्रेलर - भारतीय सभ्यता : सातत्य और परिवर्तन
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Trailer - Indian Civilization : Continuities & Change - Documentary Series
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