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Khajuraho, Joy & freedom

Khajuraho Poster

Documentary Film

Language: Hindi, English  

Duration: 60 min

Trailer | Khajuraho, Anand aur Mukti | Winner Indian Panorama IFFI 2022, GOA
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Khajuraho Temples are popularly known for erotic sculptures. But behind these erotic reliefs, deep philosophical mysteries are hidden. The mysteries of Yoga and Samkhya on the Temples of Khajuraho are unveiled here in this Documentary.

There are 25 temples today in their ruin state devoted to Hinduism, Jainism and partly Buddhism. 

These temples are sometime connected with the tantric cults.  The makers of these temples criticized and opposed the Tantrik, Kapalik and Non-Vedic traditions. What are these Temples for? Dr R Nagaswamy explains, “It is a desire to maintain the highest form of civilization.”

These temples are the epitome of Hindu Vedic Civilizations. All the erotic and non-erotic imagery is an integral part of the Vedic and Puranic Hindu philosophy as Dr Devangana Desai explains. The Lakshman Temple is an abode of Vaikuntha Vishnu. Kandariya Mahadev is for Shiva. It is interesting to know how many manifestations of Vishnu, Shiva, Shakti and more are magnificently placed here.

A famous contemporary drama takes a prominent place in the scheme of the Temple. The abstract characters of the Drama, which was regularly played at the courts and temple premises of the Chandela Kings help in understanding the philosophical aspects of the temple.  Film on Khajuraho Temples unravels these aspects in its supremely exquisite art forms.          

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